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Plus-sized shopping for women:

It is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. You get out to a mall where you are all hopeful of finding the right piece of garment that you want to wear for the social occasion that is due in the coming week. You check out the first store, not many to choose from, then another, nah, no luck and then the next and the next. You don’t give up so easily, no, you are not a loser not so quickly at least! Then you hop on to the next shopping mall, nothing there either. Then you also have a brilliant idea to check out the stand alone ones on your way to the third mall. Bingo! You made it!!

You count yourself lucky:

You made it. And also in time for the occasion! This time you needed no alterations for fitting in to it. But you also think you were lucky enough that the store had that piece of shirt in your size which is size 14 and oh my god! It was the last piece on that rack!! A confession by the sales guy there also pointed to the fact that even though they do stock plus sizes, the difficulty is that the stock can take weeks and sometimes months to come. And sometimes the most popular sizes from 14 up to 18 are all over in the first few days itself leaving a big gap in the demand and a train of rueful customers who keep swearing to themselves as to why they did not make it in time to shop their size.

Next time, try online:

This is honestly out of experience. When you are struggling to find a plus sized garment for yourself and hopping in mad frenzy from malls to malls and stores to stores, give yourself a small break and log onto the online stores. You will be amazed as to the variety and the choice of basler clothing from Chesca Direct that is available online.

E commerce at its best:

One click here and one click there and you are done with your shopping. Most stores do not like to stock plus sized clothes in their retail shopping areas for various reasons.

Some of them are:

Cost of the retail space:

There is only so much that you can stock in a physical store. In contrast the online model can work wonders for them where the person needs to log on check out the variety and click on the one that she likes. The logistics of the online model is more economical for fashion houses than to store them in retailing outlets.

The fashion biggies like to maintain a cool outlook:

Like it or not, these fashion houses like to have a snob value around them. they like to shove the plus sized clothing range right to the last rack in the store where it is not visible from the shopping window. Strange thing what they do! Who are they trying to impress? As a nation, America is now known to have the highest number of obese and the overweight. The demographics in the country says that more than 60% of the population wears sizes 14 and upwards. Whatever their psychology, me thinks it needs to change.Here is a list of the stores you will need to check out online and the store to get that flattering piece on yourself and those guaranteed compliment!

Macy;s: Looking for designer brands like CK, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors?

Check out the store at the herald Square in New York. The store has, hold your breath, an entire floor dedicated to the plus sized clothing. Unbelievable but true. Plus sized shoppers are extremely happy. May be as happy as experiencing nirvana J Lord and Taylor’s is another store where the owners have kindly dedicated a lot f floor space in proportion to their actual size to display lovely pieces of plus sized garments. You must see them to believe it.

Bloomingdale, aha! This store is heaven to women who love to dress up well. the store has a dedicated place for displaying exclusive brands that retail in such sizes. Marina Rinaldi, the premium range of such clothes is on sale here and you can pick up one of it if you are lucky. JC Penny also? Wow! This store has a separate place called the boutique which displays all the classic pieces albeit in the plus size variants.

TJ MAXX also has a superb collection if you care to check it out. The Burlington? Yes! Their collection in plus size sports and adventure wear is worth a special mention from jackets to sport gear! Forever 21, yes the best yet. These actually have plus sized models posing for their wares. You are going to be lucky soon enough! Here’s to fashion!!

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